Delivery Process

Delivery Process 2018-2019 ~ [Español]

At Arnold Middle School, we truly desire a working partnership between home and school for all Buccaneer students. The 2018-2019 Delivery Process is necessary due to high volume. After much research and surveys from other schools in our area, the following will be the delivery process at Arnold.

Lunch/Food Delivery 

  • Parents are welcome to join their child for lunch. There will be a designated student and parent lunch table in the cafeteria.

  • Parents may only bring food for their own child. Food may not be provided for other students (birthday cake, cupcakes, Sonic drinks, Starbucks, etc.) This is a district policy and a safety issue regarding food allergies.

  • Parents wishing to bring food to school for their student may leave it on the grade level shelf on the cart located in the vestibule. However, the student will not be notified, and we will not deliver the food to the student. Parents are responsible for communicating to their student that they need to pick up their lunch on the cart.

  • Fast Food Deliveries such as pizza, Uber Eats, Grubhub, Door Dash, etc., for students are prohibited. This is a district policy.

Parent Drop‐off for Student Pick‐up (ex:  Homework, PE uniforms, etc.) 

  • Since making deliveries to a classroom causes a disruption, we do not deliver items to the classrooms.

  • A grade level shelf is located on the cart in the vestibule for these types of items to be dropped off.

    Parents are responsible for communicating to their student prior to dropping off any items. Students will be allowed to check the shelf between class changes and during lunch; however, tardies will count if a student is late for the next class period.

  • Arnold is not responsible for any items placed on the cart shelves.

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